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  King Edward’s Medical Centre
  King Edward’s Road, Barking,
Essex IG11 7TB
Telephone: 020-8594-2988
Fax: 020-8594-2184

Minor Ailments Scheme

Sometimes our reception staff will suggest on the telephone/ or face to face to visit the pharmacist to get treatment. This saves you from making an appointment to see the doctor. Should you feel you need to see the doctor anyway, the reception staff will be happy to make the appointment.

Patient can see their Pharmacists for the following conditions(listed below). The Pharmacists will do an assessment and prescribe/ advise accordingly. It may be that they decide on few occasions that an appointment will be needed with your doctor. The Pharmacy will request/ suggest an appointment with the GP the same day.

What can they treat?

The following are

•  Athlete's foot
•  Cold
•  Constipation
•  Diarrhoea
•  Eczema
•  Head lice
•  High temperature
•  Sore throat
•  Vaginal thrush
•  Hayfever, allergic rhinitis, allergies
•  Adenoviral / bacterial conjunctivitis
•  Mouth ulcers
•  Insect bites / stings
•  Cough
•  Nasal congestion

What I do next?

Our receptionist will give you a form to give to the Pharmacy team. The patient must read and sign this before any pharmacist can treat you.

Is this a confidential service?

Yes this is. Should you have any issues, please contact the GP/ Pharmacy team.

Does my local pharmacy do this?

A list of pharmacies involved are listed below. Please check with your local pharmacy.

List of Participating Pharmacies

Boots the Chemist, 68 East Street
Britannia Pharmacy, 11 Faircross Parade
Britannia Pharmacy, 19 Faircross Parade
Britannia Pharmacy, 6 Farr Avenue
Lords Disp Chemist, 35 Station Parade
Mayors Disp Chemist, 214 Ripple Road
Ripple Pharmacy, 359 Ripple Road
SS Kalsi, 125 St. Mary's Parade
Thomas Chemist, 56 Ripple Road
Andrew Bass Pharmacy, 1148 Green
Alvin Rose Chemist, 606 Longbridge Road
Asda Pharmacy, Merrielands Crescent
Conn's Chemist, 5 Althorne Way
David Lewis Chemist, 16 Porters Avenue
Day Lewis, 149 Broad Street
Day Lewis, 7 Beadles Parade
Gregory Oliver Ltd, 453 Porters Avenue
Hannigan Pharmacy, 240 Bennetts Castle Lane
Hedgemans Ltd, 438 Hedgemans Road
Kry-Ba Pharmacy, 21 Goresbrook Road
Lloyds Pharmacy, 281 Wood Lane
Mastaa- Care Ltd, 26 Whalebone Lane South
Moss Chemists, 454 Lodge Avenue
Nuchem Pharmacy, 778 Green Lane
Oxlow Chemist, 214 Oxlow Lane
Sandbern Pharmacy, 703-705 Green Lane
Scruples Chemist, 20 White Barn Lane
Talati Chemist, 282 Heathway
Valence Pharmacy, 453 Becontree Avenue
Waller Chemists, 279 Heathway
Chadwell Heath
Lloyds Pharmacy, 169 High Road
National Co-op, 101/107 Rose Lane
Sainsbury Supermarkets Ltd, 97-131 High Road
Britannia Pharmacy, 223 Ilford Lane
Lloyds Pharmacy, 2 Brooks Parade, Green Lane
PS Chemist, 111 Ilford Lane
Helpline (0) 208 594 2988/(0) 208 594 1061
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