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  King Edward’s Medical Centre
  King Edward’s Road, Barking,
Essex IG11 7TB
Telephone: 020-8594-2988
Fax: 020-8594-2184

Appointments and home visits Appointments

We run an Advanced Access style appointment. The aim is to provide you with a doctor's appointment within 48 hours. This will not necessary be a doctor of your choice. If you wish to see a particular doctor, please ask and we will aim to accommodate you. Emergencies can be seen on the same day. You are also able to book in advance.

Appointments are at 10 minute intervals. The surgery times are only a guide and may vary according to the doctors' other commitments. Routine consultations are by appointment only. Please ask the receptionist when your usual doctor is available.

If you feel your problem is urgent and your own doctor is not available, you may be offered an appointment with another doctor in the practice.

Separate appointments will be needed for each member of your family who wishes to see the doctor.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please let the receptionist know so that it may be offered to someone else. Please be punctual. The doctor cannot wait for patients who arrive late.

If possible patients should come to the medical centre, where the doctors and nurses have a wide range of modern facilities for diagnosis and treatment.

If you are too ill to come and wish the doctor to visit, please phone before 11am. The receptionists are your first point of contact with the medical centre, whether in person or by phone. Please give the receptionist in confidence as much information as possible about the problem. This enables the doctors to assess the urgency of appointments and home visits.

If you are not sure whether an appointment or home visit is really necessary, please ask to speak to your doctor.

Please note that home visits are strictly based on temporary or permanent disability of a patient to come to the practice which is directly linked to a clinical condition. We have right to refuse to entertain any home visit request that are not based on the above criteria.

What if I am late for my appointment?

If patients are later than ten (10) minutes they will not be seen.

This because we have other patient waiting, who may need our urgent attention, exceptions will be made in a select few cases.

If you forget your appointment and arrive late you could be affecting someone else life.

Does the surgery have a walk in clinic?

At this point we do not. We have emergency appointments every day, to account for any extra patients.

We have a patient self check-in system in the King Edwards Site and Thames ViewSite due to be started.

All you need is an appointment booked before your arrival.

On arrival at the practice, please proceed to the check-in screen at reception and simply book yourself in!.

This system notifies the doctor/nurse that you are here instantly, and allows you to avoid queuing at reception when checking in. It also ensures further confidentiality upon arrival.

Helpline (0) 208 594 2988/(0) 208 594 1061
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